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Ragan Elliott is the Office Manager and a Paralegal at Garrett Richardson, PLLC. Ms. Elliott has managed staff and worked with legal clients for more than 20 years. Ms. Elliott graduated from Idaho State University and began working in a bankruptcy law firm in Denver, Colorado. Ms. Elliott worked for several law firms in Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Boise. Ms. Elliott worked at the law firm of Peskind, Hymson, Goldstein & Lotstein in Phoenix, Arizona; Suitter, Axland & Hanson, in Salt Lake City, Utah; Meuleman, Miller & Cummings, Eberle, Berlin, Kading, Turnbow & McKlveen, James R. Gillespie, PA, Ada County Prosecutor’s Office, and Moffatt Thomas in Boise, Idaho.

In addition to her responsibilities as office manager, Ms. Elliott’s duties include document review and control, calendaring, medical records review and organization, drafting pleadings, discovery and correspondence, and assisting in deposition and trial preparation.

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