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Complete Dismissal

When a medical provider was sued for a delay in diagnosis and treatment allegedly causing paraplegia, his malpractice insurance carrier was ready to pay. GR attorneys were there to investigate the matter through discovery, file significant motions in court, and work with the co-defendant. In the end, these efforts lead to a full dismissal without any money paid.

Zipping Down the Mountain

When suit was brought by a zip line participant alleging catastrophic medical injuries, GR attorneys were there. Using their knowledge of outdoor recreation and the applicable industry standards, GR attorneys were able to locate zip line and medical experts, and guide the client to a successful resolution. Since that time, GR attorneys have represented clients in multiple zip line cases in Utah and Idaho, and have worked with world-renowned zip line and outdoor experts.

Stuck Either Way

By the time the EPA showed up, its plan was to fine the reservoir $25,000 a day for alleged environmental issues. The water at the reservoir was subsequently lowered to address the problem. The result was a more than $10 Million class-action lawsuit by those claiming they had no water for their crops. GR attorneys were there to guide the client through this complex litigation and to obtain a phenomenal result.

Disputes with the Government

When six-figure penalties from the federal government threatened the livelihood of a local business, GR attorneys were there to guide the client through the situation and pay nothing on the wage and hour dispute.

Disputes in Other Countries

When specialized data from a subcontractor in Europe came back unusable, claims from the hiring entity soon surpassed several million dollars. GR attorneys were there to work with local counsel and guide the client to obtain a remarkable resolution.

Dismissal at Legal-lightning Speed

That is what occurred in a complicated federal life sciences case. When a client on the East Coast was sued with multiple other defendants, GR attorneys were there to get the case dismissed. Well before some of the other defendants even filed a motion, GR attorneys used aggressive motion practice to get its client dismissed at the beginning of the lawsuit.

Addressing more than legal issues

By the time the media showed up, state and county regulators were already threating to shut down the facility. GR attorneys were there to help the client navigate through legal, business, and other issues to guide the client to a successful resolution.

Pennies on the Dollar

When the federal complaint was filed for wrongful termination and pregnancy discrimination, GR attorneys were there to use substantial motion practice to leverage a settlement for pennies on the dollar.

Acquisitions in Other States

When the owner of a successful construction supply company desired to buy another company out-of-state, GR attorneys were there to guide the client through due diligence, asset and debt assumptions, and the resolution of terms.

Liens and More Liens

Just days before Christmas, GR attorneys were there to help a company file more than 25 liens on a large development of homes. Fortunately, GR attorneys were able to negotiate with the other party to resolve all payment issues.

Filling a Need

When GR attorneys saw the legal complexities for health care providers in the prescribing of addictive substances and pain relief medication to patients, they joined forces with the US attorney’s office and the Boise Police Department to spearhead a DEA conference for all healthcare providers. Along with the news media, numerous pain specialists and other health care professionals attended the seminar—moderated by GR attorneys.

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